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Oh, Brooke, I LOVE them all--I chose almost every single one as a favorite--must go back through and narrow it down, but how? THANK YOU! They are amazing!! [...] Thanks again, Brooke--you are so talented, and I feel so lucky to have had you photograph our precious little J! Look forward to lots more photo sessions with you in the future! ~ Carly Foley

Holy cow! These are beautiful!! We can't thank you enough. We are beyond pleased. We're definitely going to order the full digital set because there's no way we can choose [...] Thank you again. We are so grateful for what you captured. ~ Emily Spivak

Wow, Brooke! Just WOW. I love, love, love them. And now I'm completely obsessed... and have basically favorited the whole lot! You make this so hard, but it's a fun little task to have... staring into my little peanuts' eyes, thoughts, and awesome expressions. You've captured them so well! [...] Thank you again!!!! ~ Steph Widmer

They are the most perfect pictures! Thank you for capturing my family exactly how we imagined! ~ Erin Rusek

I LOVE your photos! I am thrilled with the results [...] Thank you again for offering your talent to our family. ~ Nancy Huntsman

Brooke: I wonder how I ever thought that I was going to choose?! Of course, I want them all! I am so, so thrilled with the images! [...] Those pictures are just magic. ~ Cathy Adams

Wow!!! They are so amazing! You are so talented. Thank you, seriously. They more than exceeded my expectations! […] I'm so excited! ~ Kendall Burwell

I love these!.....The photos capture the joy that is childhood. I love all the moods she was able to get. I just love those faces'!!! ~ Relative of Augusta & Adam Comey

Brooke! These pictures are so adorable!!! Love, love, love them!!! I don't know how we're going to be able to decide..... so many to choose from! [...] Thank you again for capturing such great memories of the girls at this age! You're amazing! ~ Linsley Adams

You are one talented woman! Thank you so much! They are beautiful and I am so happy!!!! ~ Robyn Aldrich

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