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Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm a child, family, and commercial photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. My style is loose and natural, and I'm a sucker for beautiful natural light. I love to create images in homes and places where children can explore, have fun, and most of all be themselves. 


As a child, I dreamed of becoming a National Geographic photographer. I would thumb through the photos in my parents' magazines and envision myself tracking wildlife, meeting exotic people in faraway places, and coming home with vivid images of them doing...well, doing what they do every day.

I set out to hone my skills with a few of my father's old cameras. I started with 16mm film and strip flash bulbs and earned my way to slightly less ancient gear. Eventually I convinced my dad to let me borrow his nice little 35mm point-and-shoot for a sailing camp in junior high.  Sadly that camera drowned--sorry, Dad! When I turned sixteen, my parents gave me my first "real" camera as a birthday gift, a Nikon 6006. Although I would have preferred a car at the time, I was smitten with that camera. I began taking photography classes, and that was that. I was hooked.

My camera and I had the good fortune of traveling to a number of the places I had read about in National Geographic: South and Central America, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, and all over the States. Although my globe trotting has slowed down a bit since my sweet twin girls came into the picture, I like to think that I am realizing my childhood dream...with a bit of a twist. As a photographer, I have met and photographed countless new, interesting, and sometimes exotic people; I often find myself chasing after children in effort to capture them in their "natural habitat"; and somehow I managed to end up in the most amazing setting I could have imagined, nestled between the dramatic salt flats of the Great Salt Lake, the colorful beauty of the high desert, and the majestic Wasatch mountains.

photo: Alison Winterroth

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